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Top news

Typhoons in the Philippines

Believe it or not but Dolphin-House / Moalboal has suffered not even the slightest thyphoon dammage, above or under water since 1990. Typhoons in our region are extremely rare and the south-westcoast of Cebu Island, hidden behind an almost 3000 foot high mountain range, benefits of the perfect typhoon-protected location.

Photo taken in Dolphin-House the day after typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

If you want to be safe from typhoons Moalboal is a perfect location, which has been typhoon-free for over 25 years. The last typhoon that affected Moalboal and caused punctual damages to the infrastructure and our coral reefs was “Ruping / Mike” Nov. 1990. Read more under the Climate section.

Other news

Moalboal Fish Survey 2013

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